Train like the best in the world!

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet has written a custom program for athletes who want to take the next step and separate themselves from the rest.

This program breeds performance and develops skill across weightlifting and gymnastics as well as building a huge metabolic engine.

Learn her custom progressions, drills, training formulas and tips in this all-inclusive program. You will become STRONG, FAST, hell you may even grow a horn and FLY! If becoming the best is your goal, then this is the program for you!

In each training cycle you will receive:

  • A warm-up to prime your system
  • Gymnastic and Olympic lifting skill work
  • A structured strength development progression
  • Benchmarks for assessing and tracking capacity
  • High intensity workouts that maximize power and training volume
  • Accessory core work and drills

In addition, you’ll get Camille’s secret eating, supplement, and sleeping tips to drive recovery and results.

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Programming Wrapped in a Virtual Community

Results Tracking

Track your results and the results of other people following the program in real time. There will be leader boards as well as personalized data to track your fitness across different areas.

Highest Quality Movement Videos

You will be able to see detailed descriptions of the exercises as well as a video for every movement. Tips and tricks as well as training strategies will be included in the WOD.

Private Facebook Group

An exclusive member’s forum where you can interact with me and others. You can post videos of your performances, goofy pictures, questions or comments and we can all contribute to develop our special group!

Use As An Individual Or Train All Your Members

Individuals can sign up for this program and track their individual progress in our exercise journal and WOD performance on our White Board against all enrolled in the program

Gyms and Boxes can purchase this program on behalf of their members and not only track their performances internally as a group, but also externally against all groups to measure performance.

Individual Sign Up

Group Sign Up