During his deployment Josh Bridges used CrossFit as his means to prepare for the physical and mental challenges of the Navy SEAL program. His program for military, law enforcement, and firefighters is built to help them in their pursuit. If your job or activities require you to be at the peak of physical conditioning, this program is for you.

Josh translates this training into a program that you can take any place, any time, with equipment that you can find in any gym, so you are not limited if you do not have access to a CrossFit facility. There are also suggested substitutions if you are missing a piece of equipment or apparatus.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s a testimonial from Jordon Latva, Former Sgt. Marine Corps.

“Working out and being physically active has always been an important pillar in my life. Whether it was sports, preparing for the military, military schools, or climbing mountains. I wanted to train hard so I could finish on top. After getting out of the military and trying to find my niche in civilian life many of my priorities changed. I had to adapt to a new line of work and balance a life with new goals and obligations different than what I had before.

Being married and having two little children changed a lot of things for me in a good way. But it also made me look at myself in the present. I had completely let myself go physically. Making poor diet choices and not making time to take care of myself. I made an unspoken commitment to myself to be healthy and lead by example for my kids. I wanted them to see that taking care of yourself is a lifelong commitment. I didn’t want to live in the past of what I use to do or, what I use to be able to do. I wanted to do it and conquer new goals to show my wife and kids at the same time.

I began working out again. Things didn’t tend to stick at first because I wanted to train like I was still in the Marines but I lacked motivation and milestones. Nothing pushed me or inspired me to keep it going as a routine. Then I was told about Wodstar. Seeing Josh Bridges compete in the CrossFit Games and knowing his background, I had to try his MLF Program. Knowing what his military background entailed and having the utmost respect for the caliber of warrior it takes to achieve his military status and knowing the physical and mental fortitude he must possess. I thought to myself, this is my motivation. Since, I have been using the Bridges MLF Program to get my life back. I was asked once in the gym, ‘What are you training for?’ At the time I didn’t have anything and I just said ‘Life.’ I have since completed two endurance challenges back to back and will be doing another 24-hour event later in the year.

This is the toughness I needed back in my life. A program that takes mental determination and grit. It pushes you hard every time. I believe that I am now prepared for anything life can throw at me once again.”

Josh Bridges Military TestimonialJosh Bridges Military Testimonial Josh Bridges Military Testimonial

If you’re ready to jump on board with Josh’s programming head over to this page, where we are currently offering 6 months of programming for only $40/month! Or you can also sign up for month-to-month payments!