Recovery is key for any athlete who trains hard. There are so many different therapies out there, and the right one is the method that works for you. The recoup cold massage roller combines myofascial release of tissue rolling along with cryotherapy. The hard steel ball is placed in the freezer for six hours, and retains its cold therapeutic value for three hours after. Very similar to the cups of ice you may have used to massage your shinsplints back in the day, this device requires no messy cleanup or use of water.

After using the ball for two weeks, I found it particularly useful on the shoulders and arms as well as the IT band. Rolling over the clothes is a little less harsh on the skin if you are very sensitive, but is not quite as effective as being directly on the skin. Spending five solid minutes rolling each body part provided noticeable relief of soreness and discomfort. And yes, it is always nicer to have someone else doing the rolling for you so you can completely relax.

The ball sells for $39.99 which is a decent price if you respond to rolling or cold therapies. It travels nicely and fits into any reasonable pocket of the backpack or suitcase. If you are into recovery, reducing soreness, and increasing range of motion, the Recoup Cold Roller is a decent pick up.

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