What’s the point of being fit if you don’t apply your fitness?

Getting outside, learning and playing new sports, and different tests of fitness outside the gym are fun and provides a valuable change in scenery.

One of the most gnarly and fun tests is the “Red Bull 400” in Park City, Utah on September 24, 2016. Go head to head with Red Bull sponsored athletes in the most extreme all out 400 meter race you have ever been in.

The Red Bull 400 dares anyone willing to sprint up a 400 meter ski jump.  It is the steepest 400 meter race in the world. Ski jumps are designed to produce maximum velocity going down. This jump boasts an incline of 36 degrees. This is an extreme test of endurance to say the least. To add insult to injury, the race begins at an elevation of 7000 feet. Not to worry, the race has ropes on the way up to hold onto for the weary, as well as sweet cans of oxygen waiting for athletes at the top.

This is very much a celebration of fitness, fun, and the Red Bull spirit of pushing the limits. For the average CrossFitter, this type of physical pain should not be that foreign, as we are used to entering the pain cave on a daily basis. The race record is around 4 minutes with most people finishing under 10. Think “Fran” but you’re running up a ski jump.

Preparing for the race may not be necessary for most CrossFit athletes, but if you are looking to re-create a similar effect as the race, try 400 meter sled pushes. Pick a weight that provides moderate resistance but allow you to continue to move.

Hopefully we will see you at the top!