Ok broseph, or brosephina, its time to get those spaghetti strings you call arms into gear. Many of us are looking to put on upper body size and strength. Going to the gym and wandering around aimlessly produces no results. You need a good plan.

Get Jacked Fast!

The fastest way to put on good muscle is to lift heavy with a variation of exercises that hit all muscle groups in a variety of movement patterns. This upper body strength and size progression starts with a major lift at a maximal load to develop pure strength and then introduces volume for hypertrophy and gained muscle size.

Minimal Exercise Equipment Needed

These exercises target different movement patterns for pushing and pulling. There is some isolation work, as well, to help target mechanical weaknesses of some of the smaller muscle groups and contribute to the larger movements. Try this program for 5 weeks and expect rapid progress and increased upper body size. Then change the exercises to avoid plateaus. This is a 4-day program with 1 rest day between session and can be completed with minimal equipment, just a barbell, bench, and dumbbell and rings.


Day 1

1) Bench Press 6×2 to a 2 rep Max

2) Narrow Grip Bench 3×8 reps

3) Arnold Press 3×12 reps

4) Skull Crushers on the rings 3×10

5) Dumbbell Chest fly + Dumbbell Press 2×10 reps

6) Banded resisted tricep press downs 3×30 reps


Day 2

1) Snatch Grip High Pull 5×5

2) Weighted Pull up 6×2

3) Bent Over Row 3×8 reps

4) Hammer Curls 3×10

5) Dumbbell Hang Clean 50 reps at 55/35lbs for time

6) Barbell in Rack Inverted Row 2x failure


Day 3

1) Pin Press 6×2

2) Strict Press 5×5

3) Weighted Dips 3×10

4) Band Resisted Push Ups 2x failure

5) Dumbbell Pull-Overs 2×20


Day 4

1) Chinese Row 5×5

2) Single Arm Row 3×10

3) 3 rounds for time of :

4) 3×10 Barbell Curl

5) 3×15 Dumbbell Incline Curls

6) Ring Row 2x failure