Skill progressions are a highly effective and widely under-utilized tool in training programs. Taking the time to refine elemental components of proper movements mechanics, accelerates success when defined as increased capacity and acquisition of skills.

Too often athletes and coaches just elect to workout and add additional work and volume to a program instead of practicing and challenging the skills, positions, and movement quality. You will never see athletes at the highest levels of athletic expression moving poorly. Masters of a discipline have the rudiments of mechanics drilled in and refined for over 10,000 hours. Taking time to practice the basics is highly productive and can easily to placed in a program to accompany corresponding workouts.

In the CLB Jacked Unicorn Program, skill progressions are utilized daily. There are progressions for muscle ups, handstand push-ups, toes to bar, Olympic lifting, squatting etc…. The skills are broken down into pieces to review and master individual components of the movement that are vital to success. This is the fast track to skill acquisition and mastery. Every day, the athletes from this online remote program are asked to film themselves as homework, and submit their skill work for review and critique.

Here is what program progressions look like for the CLB Jacked Unicorns:

HSPU Progression (Kipping from tripod position)

-Roll to Tripod Hold on ab-mat x5 reps (Knees on elbows, slowly shift weight to hands and head, make sure your head is forward of hands)

-Tripod hold to leg extension x5 reps (Work on balanced tripod hold, extend hips and knees slowly

-Tripod hold against a wall into kipping HSPU 5 reps (Stop at the bottom. Work on same head and hand position of the tripod, knees to elbows, be aggressive with the hip as you kip. Shoot you head through as you finish (*Film This)