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A: 3 sets of:

  • 30 Second Side Plank (left)
  • 30 Second Scapular Circles from Push-Up Position
  • 30 Second Side Plank (right)

Rest 15 seconds

  • 30 Second Supinated-Grip Hang from Pull-Up Bar

Rest 15 seconds

  • Kettlebell Windmill x 5 Reps each side

Rest as needed


B1: 5/5 pistols to box @ 40X1, rest 30 sec

B2: AMRAP set strict Chest to bar pull up, rest 90 Sec

X4 set


C: 4 sets:

Rest 5 Min

Accessory Work: 

D: Practice freestanding handstand without walking

(use spotting or wall)


Chest, Shoulders and Spine