Meet Blaine McConnell

“I have played football and ran track since I was a young kid. I was fortunate enough to make it on to a Division 1 football program at the University of Idaho, and then spent a short time in the professional football world playing in the Arena League.

After football was over, I went to training high school and collegiate football and track athletes. Being around athletes all the time continued to give me an itch to compete and that is when I found CrossFit about 2 years ago.

I made it to the Northwest Regionals in 2014 on a team and we placed 11th overall. Shortly after I got signed to the National Pro Grid League (NPGL) team Phoenix Rise and moved to Scottsdale, AZ to train and coach full time. A fun fact about me, I love dance.”

Blaine McConnell’s Articles

Building Bridges Competitor 012619

Today is a Rest Day! Get out of the gym, hit some mobility.

OCR 012619

Warm-Up: 10 Air squats with a 3 sec hold at bottom 10 Touch downs 10 Arm over/unders 50m of butt kickers round one, 50m high knees round 2, 50m high [...]

Lean 012619

Workout: EMOM for 12:00 Min 1: :30 Max distance run + 6 Back squats  Min 2: :30 Max distance row + 6 Bench press  Min 3: :30 Max distance bike + [...]

Endurance 012619

Warm up: 10 min easy movement (Bike, Row, jog, etc) Stretching  Sprint run outs X 5 (start at an easy jog then slowly speed up to a sprint in about [...]