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2 Set
20 Yard Butt Kicks
10 Yard Carioca each direction
20 Yard High Knees
10 Inch Worm Push-ups
5 PVC Figure 8’s each direction

4 Sets, Heavy
4-6 Reps Dual Kettlebell Bent Rows. 2 Second pause on the top, 3 Seconds down, 1 Second up. Rest 60 seconds
4-6  Dual Kettlebell Snatch
8/8 Dual KB Single Leg RDL
Rest 2 Mins before starting new set

Workout: 15:00 AMRAP
10 Dual KB Lawnmowers (53s/35s)
10/10 Dual KB Front Rack Lunge (53s/35s)
10 Row or Bike (45 Seconds of high pace cardio)
10 Burpees

Post Workout Mobility:
Low Back, Hips, and Hamstrings