Kettlebell Bootcamp 031119

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Run or Row 400 Meters
Thoracic Flor warm-up

Workout 1: As Many Times Through in 15:00
15 Push-ups
15 KB Rescue Get ups each direction
1:00 Jump Rope
15/15 KB Renegade rows with rotation

Workout 2: Intervals, complete each exercise before moving to the next.  The last :20 rest go right into the next exercise
:40 Max Banded Tricep Extensions
:20 Rest
X 3
:40 Max KB Russian twists
:20 Rest
X 3
:40 Max rep Russian Step ups, left leg
:20 Rest 
X 3
:40 Max rep Russian Step ups, right leg
:20 Rest
X 3

Finisher: 6:00 Time Cap
1:30 Max cal row
1:30 Max rep rower pikes
X 2

Low Back, Hips and Hamstrings


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