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1 Set
1:00 Jump rope
10/10 High kicks
5/5 Overhead med ball walking lunges
5/5 PVC figure 8’s

Workout 1:  EMOM for 12:00
Min 1: 7/7 Alternating KB roller press + :20 Max rep alternating American/Russian Swings
Min 2: 10 Dual KB bent rows + :20 Hollow rock 
Min 3:  10 Dual KB front rack squats + :20 max rep box jumps

*Coach’s Notes for workout 1:
Have athletes perform a couple of practice sets on their weaker movements.  Key to this workout, is
having the appropriate weights known and set up prior to starting clock.  Encourage athletes to move quick
but efficiently.

Workout 2: Tabata, work the order before moving to next round (4:00 Rounds, 12:00 work time)
:45 Max rep wall balls  or Dual KB thrusters
:15 Rest 
:45 Max rep KB cleans, right arm
:15 Rest 
:45 Max max rep pull-ups 
:15 Rest
:45 Max rep KB cleans, left arm
:15 Rest 
X 3 Rounds

**Coach’s notes for workout 2:
Weights for the wall balls or thrusters need to be light.  Have athletes scale to something they can sustain 
for at least 30 seconds at a time.  The pull-ups can be any type, but need to be scaled to a technique they 
can sustain for 30 seconds at a time as well.  After the :15 of rest after the KB left arm cleans, go right into round 2.

Finisher: 3:00 Time Cap 
1:30 Max rep box jumps
1:30 max rep alternating box step ups (no weight)

Hips and Hamstrings