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3 minutes jump rope practice work on Double-unders
2 x
10/10 Single arm Kettlebell Deadlift
12 walking lunge steps

Workout 1: 10:00 Time Cap, move through the order, go heavy, rest as needed
7 Dual KB bent rows, 2 Sec pause at top
7/7 KB roller or bench press 
7/7 KB side plank hip taps
*Coach’s Notes
Focus on the form of the bent rows.  Neutral spine, hamstrings and core engaged. 

Workout 2: AMRAP in 15:00
12/12 Goblet lunges (in place)
12 Cal bike 
12 Dual arm KB deadlift high pulls
12 Dual arm KB shoulder to overhead
** Every minute on the minute stop and do 5 burpees 
***Coach’s Notes:
Scale the weights to where you can get all 12, if not 10 unbroken reps every round of every movement 

Finisher: 5:00 Time Cap

2:30 To accumulate as many pull ups as possible 
Right at 2:30, go right into max rep dual KB thrusters

Low Back, Hips and Hamstrings