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Run Warm Up

  • 400-800m easy while building working to just over Goal Time Trial Cadence



  • 10x Single leg toe touches
  • 5x/leg Star lunge, walking lunge extend arm overhead on twist
  • 5x/leg Side lunge

Run: 40min Tempo @ 90% of 10K TT pace

*Example 10K TT = 40min, convert to seconds = 2400, then use P + (P x (1 – E))

i.e. 2400 + (2400 x (1 – .90)) = 44min 10K

*This is average pace to maintain based off the example 10K TT

Run Cool Down

  • 20x Bodyweight Good Mornings
  • 2:00/side Straight Leg Calf Stretch followed by 2:00/side Bent Leg Calf Stretch