Beyond the 5K Running Program

The Next Program in our Running Series!

For those of you who have taken our First 5K program or those who are looking to maintain your training or exercise program, this is  ongoing program that will enable you to keep up with your training and continue to keep your metabolic engine revving.

No Equipment Necessary!

The great thing about this program is that you can do it anywhere – you don’t need any equipment with the exception of running shoes. You can use a track for the interval-based sessions to help you measure the distances more easily.

You can have a simple stop watch to help you keep track of your splits and paces or if you’d like to invest in a watch that gives you more detailed running information such as distance/pace/cadence etc. you can do that too although it’s not necessary.

Meal Planning Too?

Not only are you going to have access to a great physical program, but also when you subscribe to this program, you will have access to a great meal plan. Every week we post a grocery list and a meal plan from our nutritionist that includes recipes!

Weekly Stress Management Exercises

To round out the program, we also provide a weekly stress management exercise to help you relax your mind.

We Do All the Work…You Show Up!

When you combine a great physical program with a great eating program and stress management exercises, you have all the tools to begin your healthy quest.

This Program is Perfect For:

For those who have subscribed to our First 5K Running Program or those who are looking to continue their training to run 5K’s to 10K’s.

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

In this exercise program, you will get:

  • 3 workouts per week that take from 30-45 minutes
  • Programmed active rest days
  • Post Workout Mobility and Stretching Videos
  • General Physical Conditioning
  • Weekly Meal Planning, including weekly grocery list, and recipes
  • Weekly Stress Management Exercises

Equipment needed: Running Shoes

Beyond the 5K Sample Day 1

Beyond the 5K Sample Day 1

Warming up before you run is crucial - we've put together a phenomenal warm-up for you. It should only take ...
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Beyond the 5K Sample Day 2

Beyond the 5K Sample Day 2

Today is an Active Rest day for the program! Pick one of the following: Option 1: 30-45 Minute casual walk, ...
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Beyond the 5K Sample Day 3

Beyond the 5K Sample Day 3

Warming up before you run is crucial - we've put together a phenomenal warm-up for you. It should only take ...
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If you live outside the United States many credit card companies block payments to protect you against fraud and you have to call them to authorize payments to the US.

Do You Offer Packages of Programs For Gyms?2018-03-20T16:54:46+00:00

Yes! We do offer program packages for Gyms at very affordable rates. Let us do the work and save that time for your other pressing needs. Introduce some of our more specialty programs to attract new members and demographics: Military, Boot Campers, Kettlebell Enthusiasts…etc. Contact us and we can discuss building a package that is right for you!

If The Program I Signed Up For Is Not Right For Me, Can I Switch?2018-03-20T16:32:46+00:00

Yes. If you find that the program is too hard/easy or otherwise not for you, contact us and let us know what you would like to try or if we can suggest something more appropriate for you.

Do You Charge on a One-Time or Recurring Basis?2018-03-20T16:30:53+00:00

The majority of our programs are billed monthly on a recurring basis and you will be billed monthly with the exception of our skill builders (e.g. Yoga and Rowing) that give you access for a limited time.

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There is a chance that your automatic payment didn’t process and the system is denying access check your card and update it in your profile. If that is not the case there may be an issue with your account in which we ask you to contact us so we can resolve.

How Do I Access My Workouts?2019-01-17T18:15:11+00:00

When you are logged in, your account page will display the workouts you are subscribed to. You can also go to the WODS menu and select the program where you are a member.

Born in Portugal, but a life-long San Diego resident, Nuno Costa is an 6x CrossFit Games team competitor (2014 Team Champion) and a head coach for CrossFit Headquarters since 2012. He coaches Level 1 and Level 2 seminars all over the world and is a CrossFit Certified Level 3 Trainer (CF-L3).

A former NCAA Division 1 Track and Field athlete at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Nuno competed in the 200M and 400M sprints. He began competing in triathlons in 2006, completing a 1/2 Ironman, numerous sprint distance races, and a few Olympic distance triathlons.

Nuno has coached CrossFit, running and triathlon programs full-time since 2008, and founded Invictus Endurance (previously San Diego Anaerobic Endurance). He is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and passion for running and fitness to anyone interested in living a healthier, happier life.

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$4000Pay $40 monthly

3 Month Access

$35Pay $105 every 3 months

6 Month access

$32Pay $192 every 6 months


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