Lean and Limitless Women’s Program by Tennil Reed

Enough of one rep maxes and trap building workouts! This is the “Get fit, but don’t make me bulky in the process” program, written by 3x CrossFit Games athlete Tennil Reed is what you are looking for.

Let’s face it…men and women have different goals. We all know the saying, “The couple who trains together stays together.” However, females that follow a male-oriented training program develop traps and bulk in all the wrong places.

So, say GOODBYE to one rep max bench days! This program is built to make you a lean and mean FEMALE MACHINE. No more pooch belly, lunch-lady arms, or cottage cheese legs. This program is going to target all those spots with endurance and conditioning training.

You will maximize your training sessions by learning the RIGHT movements to target the RIGHT areas to get the lean and tone body you desire. This program combines muscle isolation with MODERATE weights to unleash your fat-burning metabolic engine.

This Program is Perfect For:

Women who want a CrossFit-style workout that introduces heavy volume to build lean muscle and tone in all the right places.

Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Whether you are training for aesthetics, a fitness competition, or health, this program is for you!

If you’re like most of us…you signed up for CrossFit to look good naked. So why spend months trying to perfect your snatch when all you really want is to look smoking hot for your next Instagram post. Don’t be fooled! You won’t just look great, you will feel great and get stronger!  Form follows function. Meaning if you are fit, you will look fit.

This program utilizes:

  • Light and moderate weights and isolation training
  • Cardiovascular/ fat burning/ endurance exercises
  • Aerobic and anaerobic pathway training
  • Moderate gymnastics movements and body weight work
  • Hypertrophy (higher rep body building)
  • Accessory core building
  • General physical conditioning work
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Tennil Reed-Buerlein grew up in Kingman, AZ and quickly developed a passion and talent for both individual and team sports. She’s a true believer that you can accomplish ANYTHING you put your heart and mind too. “You can’t beat someone who never gives up,” is her mantra that constantly plays on repeat in her head.

At Kingman High School, she competed in volleyball, soccer, swimming, track and cross county and, most notably, basketball. As a 1st Team All-State point guard, Tennil dominated both sides of the court and was awarded Defensive Player of the Year.

Both an athlete and a scholar, Tennil received an academic scholarship at Dixie State, in St. George, Utah and continued her passion for knowledge and sports. During her college career, she ran Cross Country and played Rugby, finishing her college career with a Bachelors in Biology at Utah Valley University.

Upon graduation, Tennil moved to Glendale Arizona to attend graduate school at Midwestern University and earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Towards the tail end of graduate school, Tennil discovered CrossFit, which re-ignited her competitive passions and she set a goal on making it to the CrossFit Games. A unique type of athlete, Tennil combines power and endurance with a champion’s mindset, which has resulted in her meteoric rise in the sport.

She made regionals 5 out of 5 years, she placed 5th in the 2016 regionals, punching a ticket to the CrossFit Games and placed 11th as a CrossFit Games Rookie. What did she do for an encore? In the 2017 she won the Southwest Regionals, edging out CrossFit Legend Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet in what was regarded as a Battle Royale between two elite athletes.

Yet again in 2018 she is returning to the CrossFit Games for her 3rd trip, having placed 6th in 2017, It’s going to be an exciting summer and everyone has their eyes on Tennil to see what she can do with another year of CrossFit training and experience under her belt.

In addition to being a professional CrossFit athlete, Tennil writes online programming for Wodstar (Lean and Limitless and Endurace), for all levels of athletes and fitness lovers to help them reach their goals. Whether it’s just to live a healthier lifestyle or become a higher level athlete in their sport of choice, Tennil’s Passion is to help people reach their goals.


  • Pay $50 monthly


  • Pay $135 Every 3 Months


  • Pay $240 Every Six Months


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