Look Good Naked Women’s Beach Body Program

Suns out guns out!, but wait you want to have more out than your guns. This program is for those of you who are members of a traditional gym and is going to get you beach body ready, FAST!

These are muscle-toning workouts and fat burning cardio sessions that will leave you with a flat stomach, toned muscle, and enough curve to fill a swim suit!

Squat snatches and muscle ups are great workouts for competitive CrossFitters but you are just trying to turn heads at the pool. We get it, and this program was designed just for you.

This Program is Perfect For:

People who are members of a traditional gym who want constantly varied movements paired with aerobic and hypertrophy training.

Skill Level: All Levels

In this exercise program, you will get a daily WOD (Workout of the Day) that includes:

  • Five, 60-minute Workouts per week
  • A fitness forum where you can ask questions and get advice
  • Moderate weights and isolation training
  • Cardiovascular/ fat burning
  • Aerobic and anaerobic pathway training
  • Simple Gymnastics movements and body weight work
  • Hypertrophy (higher rep bodybuilding)
  • Accessory core
  • General Physical Conditioning work

My Credit Card Transaction Isn’t Going Through2018-05-31T01:58:00+00:00

If you live outside the United States many credit card companies block payments to protect you against fraud and you have to call them to authorize payments to the US.

Do You Offer Packages of Programs For Gyms?2018-03-20T16:54:46+00:00

Yes! We do offer program packages for Gyms at very affordable rates. Let us do the work and save that time for your other pressing needs. Introduce some of our more specialty programs to attract new members and demographics: Military, Boot Campers, Kettlebell Enthusiasts…etc. Contact us and we can discuss building a package that is right for you!

Do You Charge on a One-Time or Recurring Basis?2020-01-15T18:38:33+00:00

This is a subscription service, where you can sign up for 1, 3, 6 and 12 month terms. You will be billed on the anniversary of your cycle.

I’m a Paid Member, But it Says I Don’t Have Access.2018-03-20T16:28:45+00:00

There is a chance that your automatic payment didn’t process and the system is denying access check your card and update it in your profile. If that is not the case there may be an issue with your account in which we ask you to contact us so we can resolve.

How Do I Access My Workouts?2020-01-15T18:35:41+00:00

When you are logged in, your account page will display the workouts you are subscribed to.

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  • Pay $40 monthly


  • Pay $105 Every 3 Months


  • Pay $192 Every Six Months


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