10/10 Up and Over the Fence
20/20 PVC Side to Side Swing
20 PVC Good Mornings 
20 PVC Overhead Squats
20 PVC Pass Throughs

Workout 1: 10:00 Time Cap 
8/8 ½ kneel single arm DB overhead press (heavy)
8/8 Single arm DB row (heavy)
8 Front squats (heavy)

*Coach’s Notes:
Get through however many rounds can be done in the time cap while maintaining good form, focusing on weight, and resting where needed.

Workout 2: AMRAP in 12:00
20 Burpee box jumps 
20 Wall balls
10/10 Single arm TRX body rows with KB rotation
20 TRX pikes

*Coach’s Notes:
Go hard on the first two movements.  Recover and use control during the last two movements.

Finisher: AMRAP in 6:00
3 Cal Bike 
3 Kettlebell swings
-Increase 3 reps per round, see how far you can get

Suggested Recovery:
Low Back, Hips and Hamstrings