3 Sets
Run 100 Meters
:20/:20 Lunge position hold
10/10 Plank alternating arm/leg lifts

Workout 1: Work the order, rest as needed, increasing weight
12/12-10/10-8/8-6/6 KB renegade row with support
12/12/-10/10-8/8-6/6 Single Arm Kettlebell Cradle/Single Arm Suitcase Box Step Ups
12-10-8-6 Dual KB push press

Workout 2: As Many Rounds as Possible in 16:00
Bike or row 8 Cals (increase 2 each round)
8 Wall balls (increase 2 each round)
8 KB Burpee deadlifts (increase 2 each round)

Quads, Hips and Hamstrings