Best Shot Additional Terms

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Hit Me With Your Best Shot! USA Fitness Stars, Inc. (dba Wodstar) and TrueForm are holding a contest to support Josh Bridges' quest to make the CrossFit Games, as well as raise money for the Navy Seals Foundation. You agree to provide original photographs of Josh Bridges or videos of you or your group participating [...]

Power Everything Sample Day 3

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Warm up: Dynamic 4 Rounds: 20 Frankensteins 20 SL RDL 20 Heel to Hip 20 High knee Skips 10m Side Shuffle 10m Side lunge Static Stretching: 3 Rounds: 30 sec each: Pigeon Pose (Right/ Left Leg) Couch Stretch (Right/ Left Leg) Squat Holds Calf/Ankle Stretch (Right/ Left Leg) STRENGTH: Back Rack Barbell Box Jumps: 8/4”: 40% of bodyweight: 4x5 -pair w/ 150m [...]

Josh Bridges Competitor’s Program

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Whether you are looking to up your game in CrossFit, or any other sport for that matter, this program will deliver you the gains you crave, as you now have the opportunity to follow the ACTUAL PROGRAMMING THAT JOSH CREATED AND IS USING In this exercise program, you will get a daily WOD (Workout [...]

BBB Test Registration Page

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BECOME A JOSH BRIDGES ENDORSED GYM! The business of running a CrossFit gym is getting more competitive and finding a means in which to differentiate your gym as well as creating value for your current and future members is essential to your continued success. INCREASE MEMBER SATISFACTION AND RETENTION! The best way to do [...]


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BUILDING BRIDGES MLF060617 WOD 1 For time 20 Cal bike Sled pull (so attach a long rope to the sled) and pull it 80’ hand over hand you pick weight X 5 then WOD 2 For time 15-12-9-6-3 Power snatch 135/95# Bar facing burpees then WOD 3 15 Pull-ups 20 Push-ups 25 Sit-ups Rest 2 [...]

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