Alex LaChances Crouching Tiger Gymanstics program (White Tiger)

By | June 26th, 2017|White Tiger, Wods|

Warm up/prep: 2 sets PVC Pass Through; 10 reps Hand Stand Hold; 20 sec DB Press; 10 reps Wall Squat; 10 reps Goblet Squat; 3x5 + WOD:  for time: 50 Toes to bar  25 Dumbbell Power Clean; 35/50# 50 Chest to bar Pull Up 30 alt Dumbbell snatch; 35/50# + Strength/Supplemental: Ring Support Hold; reverse tabata 10:20 x [...]

By | June 23rd, 2017|White Tiger, Wods|

Warm up/prep: Take 15-20 and work on a skill component from earlier in the week. These sets shouldn't be to fatigue. You should be looking for smooth, clean, solid movements. Engrain positive movement patterns! + WOD:  For time: 20 Rope climbs 100 Hand release push ups 50 Bar facing burpees 75 Cals assault bike  

By | June 19th, 2017|White Tiger, Wods|

Warm Up/ Skill: Rebounding hurdle/box hops 4-6 consecutive jumps pulling knees up as high as possible and minimizing ground contact time 5 sets; rest as needed + WOD: 3 min amrap 12 cal row 6 lateral burpee box jump over, 20/24" rest 1 min x 3 + Strength/Supplemental: Cossack Squats; 10 slow controlled reps x [...]