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Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighter 030121

By |2021-02-25T20:45:07+00:00February 27th, 2021|MLF|

If you are missing a piece of equipment, click here for our substitution list. Warm-up: 5 Inchworms 10 Over/Under arm swings 10 PVC good mornings x 3 Sets Endurance: Run 4 Miles, go all out try to get a PR WOD: For Time 30 Calorie row 20 GHD sit-ups (40 Sit-ups  if you don't have [...]

Kettlebell Training 030121

By |2021-02-25T21:13:31+00:00February 27th, 2021|Kettlebell Bootcamp|

Warm-up 2-3 Sets Run 100 Meters 10 Double leg bounding 10 Yard "A" Skip 10/10 Yard Carioca 10 Yard High kneesforward, 10 Yards backward Strength: 4 Sets, heavy work 12-10-8-6 Reps of KB Roller Press 10/10 Single Arm TRX rows with KB rotation or Chinese Rows 12/12 KB Side plank hip taps Workout 2: Intervals, complete each exercise before moving to the next.  The [...]

OCR 030121

By |2021-02-25T21:08:56+00:00February 27th, 2021|Obstacle Racing|

Today is a rest day for the program! Rest Day Recovery is made for days like this..

Power Everything 030121

By |2021-02-25T21:01:25+00:00February 27th, 2021|Power Everything|

 WARM UP: 4 Rounds: 20 Frankensteins 20 Single leg RDL 20 Heel to Hip 20 High knee Skips 10 Meter Side Shuffle 10 Meter Side lunge Static Stretching: 3 Rounds: 30 sec each: Pigeon Pose (Right/ Left Leg) Couch Stretch (Right/ Left Leg) Squat Holds Calf/Ankle Stretch (Right/ Left Leg) STRENGTH: Back Squats: 5 @50 3 @60 1 @70. Continue to build [...]

Wodstar Affiliate 030721

By |2021-02-26T20:59:25+00:00February 26th, 2021|Wodstar Affiliate|

Today is a Recovery Day for the Program!

Wodstar Affiliate 030621

By |2021-02-26T20:55:58+00:00February 26th, 2021|Wodstar Affiliate|

Warm-up: 5:00 Of related tissue work, then 3 Sets of 10/10 Front to back leg kicks :30 Skin the cat floor stretch Strength: Take 10:00 to work up to a 1RM power clean Muscle up progressions and skill work  for 5:00 (coach's choice) WOD 1: 1 Round For Time 50 Cal bike 30 Power cleans (75% of [...]

Wodstar Affiliate 030521

By |2021-02-26T20:52:49+00:00February 26th, 2021|Wodstar Affiliate|

Warm-up: 10/10 PVC figure 8's 10 PVC Good mornings 5 Inchworms 3/3 Hip opener x 2 Sets, then 1:00 jump rope Strength: Depth reverse lunges x 5/5 x 4 Sets from the rack (Bar on back, standing on a 45 Lbs plate, reverse lunge) Hollow body snow angels x 12 Reps x 4 Sets WOD: 12:00 AMRAP 5/5 KB [...]

Wodstar Affiliate 030421

By |2021-02-26T20:51:52+00:00February 26th, 2021|Wodstar Affiliate|

Warm-up: 2 Sets 200 Meter run 10 Spiderman push-ups 10 Over under arm swings 10 Touch downs 5/5 High kicks Strength: Barbell complex (from the rack) without setting bar down 3 Snatch grip push press (Behind the neck) 2 Hang snatch pulls 1 Power snatch x 4 Sets WOD: With a Continuous clock :30 max reps of each Hang [...]

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