One of the great appeals of CrossFit is that every day you walk into your CrossFit gym you’re presented with a different and unique workout of the day (WOD) and you will rarely see the same workout twice.

With each Crossfit gym creating their own specialized daily WODs for members, it is not easy for individuals to easily measure their physical improvement.

For that reason, Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit, established “Benchmark Workouts” so that CrossFitters can gauge their level of fitness and progress both on an individual basis, as well as in the global CrossFit community.

What are the CrossFit Girl WODs

Some of the most famous of the Benchmark WODs are “The Girls”—21 workouts that test CrossFitters’ levels of fitness on a variety of levels. Some are designed to be short sprints, while others are designed to test a CrossFitter’s endurance. These WODs are named after girls, as Glassman reportedly said, “Any workout that leaves you flat on your back, staring up at the sky, wondering what the hell happened deserves a girl’s name.”

For that reason, you will frequently see one of the CrossFit Girl WODs mixed into your daily programming which gives you a means to  can gauge your personal level of progress.

Below are the Girl Benchmark WODs used in CrossFit: