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An area that can really improve your workout performance that doesn’t get the attention it deserves is that of post workout recovery. It’s amazing what a little yoga and stretching can do to not only increase your mobility and range of motion, but also speed your recovery.To that end, Wodstar enlisted the aid of CrossFitter and Yogi, Stephanie Ring to release a workout recovery yoga program for any athlete that can be used immediately following their workout or on recovery days to help maintain mobility and flexibility as you train. This is a 30 day video series that alternates between hips + shoulders and spine, PLUS there is a full body flow workout on Sundays. Pick the day you need, hit play and follow along with Stephanie as she guides you through each movement. Each recovery video runs between 6 to 10 minutes in length and is the [...]

Every gym worth its weight in pounds has a rowing machine…and for good reason. Rowing machines are not only attractive because they provide low impact cardio for weight loss, but also a rowing machine can help to build and tone your muscles, strengthen your cardiovascular function, and increase your stamina. Rowing Machine Workout Our 21 Day Rowing Machine Workout Program is literally built for everyone! This unique format is perfect for those: Trying to lose weight, Looking to improve their technique, Wanting to build muscle, and even those whom are most competitive rowers among us. The daily workout is built for you; specifically customized to your ability and fitness level. Over the next 21 Days, you will burn thousands of calories and become an absolute machine on the rower! https://s3.amazonaws.com/wodstarmedia/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/rowing-400x400.jpg Purchase 6 month access to this instructional series for $39.00. If you are interested in group pricing, contact us. We accept: TO PURCHASE, [...]

Varsity is an off-season sports training program written to get your athletes stronger and faster while making them more resilient and resistant to injury. This 12-week program builds strength, endurance, and explosiveness with barbells and dumbbells, MINIMIZING THE AMOUNT OF EQUIPMENT NEEDED at your gym facility, making it ideal for all schools no matter the composition of their equipment. Each week offers 5 workouts, which alternates between strength and conditioning and takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. Coaches time this program so that it ends when you are about to go into your in-season practices and training. https://s3.amazonaws.com/wodstarmedia/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/varisty-400x400.jpg Schools that need a top-tier strength and speed conditioning program, but may not have access to a large fitness equipment room. Skill Level: All Levels SLIDE TABLE WITH FINGER OR TURN PHONE Frequently Asked Questions About the Varsity Off-Season Conditioning Program Question: [...]

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