Wodstar takes the best exercise video movement index on the Internet and combines it with the best fitness programming from the some of the most elite athletes in the world!

For Gym Owners and Coaches

Eliminate the hours and hours of planning workouts and just spend your train with your members. We have unique fitness programming tracks from General Physical Programming to Specialized Programming for Military, Competitors, Gymnastics and General Gyms to accommodate your needs.


Built by Athletes, Coaches and Gym Owners, Wodstar strives to be the resource that connects Athletes, Coaches, and Gym Owners with the information they need exactly when and how they need it.


Our focus is on creating Workouts of the Day (WOD), where every subscriber will get a different workout every day and instructional videos on how to perform the movements.


Practicing the movements and mastering the fundamentals of technique is an under-appreciated aspect in WOD performance. Such a pursuit will enable an athlete at all levels the ability to move more weight than they thought possible.


Our site focuses on our Video Movement Index, where we have assembled movement videos that are unrivaled in quality and instruction. Optimized for mobile devices, you can add our site to the home screen of your smart phone and have our video movement index at your finger tips when you want to brush up on your technique.


From there, we are building a comprehensive WOD index with endless workouts available that span familiar benchmarks and Wodstar-provided programming.


Lastly, through our forums, we are providing expert content in a east-to-find and concise fashion. Our fitness and business minds will help gyms attract and retain members, Coaches gain and retain clients and Athletes connect with each other. We cut through the noise and get right to the point so that you can get in, get what you need, and get out.


WodStar is an online resource with everything you need to know to Rock Your WOD.