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10 Reps of Each
Side Ape
Forward Ape
Backward Ape
Forward Crab Walk
Backward Crab Walk
Backward Bear Crawl
Forward Bear Crawl
1 Minute of Butt Kicks and High Kicks within 5 Min warm-up run

4 Sets, Heavy
6-8 Reps Dual Kettlebell Bent Rows, 2 Sec pause on the top, 3 Seconds down
Rest 60 Seconds
6-8  Dual Kettlebell Snatch
8/8 Dual KB Single Leg RDL
Rest 2 Mins before starting new set

Workout: For Time  
3 Rounds
100 Meter Farmers walk (70s/53s)
10 Push-ups on KBs (70s/53s)
100 Double-unders or 200 Single-unders
10 Push-ups on KBs
10 Dual Kettlebell Deadlift High Pulls (62s/44s)
10 Push-ups KBs

Post Workout Mobility:
Shoulders and Spine