Kettlebell Bootcamp

We didn’t invent the Kettlebell, but we know a good butt kicking when we get one.  Too many of us are ignoring this amazing training tool, for with the proper programming, a couple of kettlebells can provide a full body workout. 

Pulling from more than 80 videos from our exercise index, this program will train muscles in your body you never knew you had to get you strong and tone so you look and feel your best!

A kettlebell is a joint friendly, effective training tool that requires the body to use compound movements that will produce elite conditioning and strengthening. Join our Kettlebell Bootcamp program and be prepared for amazing results!

This Program is Perfect For:

Our kettlebell workouts are perfect for anyone who craves a high metabolic, strength and conditioning workout and:

  • Might not have access to barbells
  • May not want to use barbells
  • May workout in a more traditional gym
  • May workout from home

Skill Level:  For intermediate and advanced athletes or gym owners to use in a class setting.

Can be done at a globo-gym or other fitness facility.

Equipment needed is a variety of Kettlebell weights, and a variety of other gym equipment (pull-up bar, med balls, boxes, rower, bikes, etc)

  • In this exercise program, you will get a daily WOD (Workout of the Day) that includes:
    • 5, 45 min workouts per week that includes strength work, intervals, and high intensity:
      • Warm ups 5 min

      • Strength components 10-20 min

      • Workouts 10-20 min

      • Finisher 6-7 min
      • Mobility 10 min

  • Programmed active rest day
  • Programmed one off day
  • Kettlebell strength and conditioning
  • Post workout stretching videos to maximize recovery
  • General Meal Planning Including Weekly Shopping List
  • Cardiovascular/ fat burning/ endurance
  • Aerobic and anaerobic pathway training
  • Bodyweight work
  • Strength training
  • Core Training
  • General Physical Conditioning
Kettlebell Bootcamp Sample Day 3

Kettlebell Bootcamp Sample Day 3

Warm-up 3 Sets 15 PVC Good mornings  40 Meter Crab walk 5 Box jumps 40m Bear crawl 5 Pull-ups Workout ...
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Kettlebell Bootcamp Sample Day 2

Kettlebell Bootcamp Sample Day 2

Warm-up 3 Sets 10 Air squats 10 Walking lunges 10 PVC pass throughs 10 Touch downs 250 Meter row Workout ...
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Kettlebell Bootcamp Sample Day 1

Kettlebell Bootcamp Sample Day 1

Warm-up: 3 Sets 10 Air squats with a 3 sec hold at bottom 10 Touch downs 10 Arm over/unders 50m Butt kicker  50m High knees  :60 ...
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Yes! Just contact us and we will send you your username and temporary password.

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Yes! We do offer program packages for Gyms at very affordable rates. Let us do the work and save that time for your other pressing needs. Introduce some of our more specialty programs to attract new members and demographics: Military, Boot Campers, Kettlebell Enthusiasts…etc. Contact us and we can discuss building a package that is right for you!

Do You Charge on a One-Time or Recurring Basis?2020-01-15T18:38:33+00:00

This is a subscription service, where you can sign up for 1, 3, 6 and 12 month terms. You will be billed on the anniversary of your cycle.

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There is a chance that your automatic payment didn’t process and the system is denying access check your card and update it in your profile. If that is not the case there may be an issue with your account in which we ask you to contact us so we can resolve.

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When you are logged in, your account page will display the workouts you are subscribed to.


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