CrossFit Open 20.2 Workout Guide

You will have another chance on Sunday! Below is our definitive guide on how to approach CrossFit Open 20.2 Workout from preparation to post-workout.

Warm Up

The CrossFit 20.2 Workout

20:00 AMRAP 

 50 lb.  35 lb.

Tips: This is a long workout! The reps for each movement are very low, so each round should be unbroken.  Now, its all about pacing!  

Start out at a slow pace being patient for the first 5:00.  Every 5:00 build your pace, with the last 5:00 giving it all you got!

CrossFit 20.2 Nutrition

20.2 looks fun. This one is going to take some strategy.

The body can’t work at 100% for 20 mins so we’re going to need to find that sweet spot of hovering around 80% and step on the gas towards the end if you have the fuel left in your tank.

Here is a game for optimal performance and recovery:

Since this one is 20 minutes, what you do during the workout is going to help.

Prior to workout, similar to 20.1

Clean energy with full storage of glycogen (carbs) to tap into.

Our suggested game plan is going to start the night before by filling up on some easily digestible carbohydrates that will be readily available.

Too much fiber from cruciferous vegetables and you’ll be slowed down with digestive stress.

Ideal meal for dinner the evening before shouldn’t be too unfamiliar as we don’t want surprises when we step on the floor.

Pre workout (60-90 mins): 1 Pitted date (electrolytes + glycogen) and protein shake with water

Intra/During: at 10 minute mark and 15 minute mark, sip on amino acids + electrolytes glucose (easy carbs)

This could be a recovery drink that includes 30-40 grams of carbohydrates

Something like Gatorade but healthier if you can 😉

Post workout meal: easy digestion

30 grams of protein + 60 Grams of carbs (1-2 pitted dates (or banana)

90 Mins after workout: 30+ grams of protein and 60+ grams of carbs as a priority from solid food.

Real food options like broth before and after provide the body with minerals and natural electrolytes that will also nourish the immune system.

And get some good sleep!

CrossFit 20.2 Recovery Tips

Recovery Videos:
Follow along the following videos to maximize recovery:

Quads, Hips and Hamstrings

This workout will be another shoulder and grip burner. With a full 20 minutes on the clock and low volume on the thrusters and TTB each round with 24 double unders, this is going to light your calves up nicely as well. Pre-WOD protocol should consist of warming up and prepping these parts of the body as well as taking time to stretch and mobilize post WOD.

  • Calves/feet + an extra helping of many other things including the shoulders/hamstrings/thoracic/lumbar spine: begin barefoot and in a hollow body plank position with shoulders stacked directly over the elbows and wrist. Spread fingers wide. Press back through the palms, open the shoulders by bringing the chest toward the thighs. Pedal out the feet and hold for up to 30 sec while alternating feet with one heel down towards the floor and other leg bent. Once you have spent a few minutes in this stretch begin to rise all the way up onto the ball of the foot reaching full dorsiflexion before bending the legs. From here bring the shins parallel to the floor and heels stacked over the balls of the feet. Hold this stretch for up to 30 sec and then alternate between this and pedaling out the feet.
  • Erector spinae/hips/quadriceps/ankles: begin in a seated position with feet in dorsiflexion, toes touching, and knees wide. Walk the hands forward allowing the torso to melt into the floor with the belly between the quads. Rest your forehead or cheek on the floor, but make sure to balance it out and switch which cheek is resting on the floor halfway through. Focus on your breath throughout the entirety of this passive stretch, breathing deeply into the belly. Spend up to two minutes or more in this position allowing gravity to elongate the spine and relaxing the muscles of the entire body.