An area that can really improve your workout performance that doesn’t get the attention it deserves is that of post workout recovery. It’s amazing what a little yoga and stretching can do to not only increase your mobility and range of motion, but also speed your recovery.To that end, Wodstar enlisted the aid of CrossFitter and Yogi, Stephanie Ring to release a workout recovery yoga program for any athlete that can be used immediately following their workout or on recovery days to help maintain mobility and flexibility as you train.

This is a 30 day video series that alternates between hips + shoulders and spine, PLUS there is a full body flow workout on Sundays. Pick the day you need, hit play and follow along with Stephanie as she guides you through each movement. Each recovery video runs between 6 to 10 minutes in length and is the perfect way to cap off a workout.Watch these high definition videos on your smartphone or throw them up on the television at your facility for the group to follow.You’re already laying on the floor after a rigorous workout, so you might as well do something good for yourself while you’re at it…


Purchase 6 month access to these videos for $39.99.

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