Major: Chest 
Minor: Shoulder, Core, Triceps

Suggested Warmup:
Rower 200m @ 70%
10 Push-ups
10 Jumping Jacks
x 3 rounds

Set 1: 21-15-9 Reps Of:
DB Power Cleans (45s/30s)
Push-Ups on dumbells (thumbs up grip)
Rest 2min

Set 2: Strength, Reps of 5-10-15
Incline Bench Dropset
Single Arm upright row (with plate or DB)
*3 Sets – Go up in weight each round and set (5 heaviest, 10 heavy, 15 light)
Rest 1  min

Set 3: 
12 Single Arm DB Press each (on stability ball)
12 Push-ups on stability ball (begin on chest and use the rebound for momentum)
3 Rounds

Core Finisher:
10 Toes to bar or hanging leg raise
20 Plank reaches (10 e arm)
30 Crunches with block or med ball between knees)
3 Rounds

Chest, Shoulders and Spine