Today is an Active Rest Day for the Program!

Today aim for 10,000 Steps or some active recovery that you enjoy.

Each week there will be 2 Rest days as a break away from weights or challenging activity are important.  

I know momentum feels good but you can keep this up with a day that keeps your max heart rate under 70% (walk, hike, yoga, swim)

Notice each workout has an emphasis of major muscle group as well as a minor focus.  You will work out the same muscle groups multiple times per week. The idea is to create the stimulus for growth and adaptation without over exhausting the body.

Perform each workout to the best of your ability and effort. Most moves or equipment can be substituted. 

There will be days that you do not feel like the workout and you can sub one of the primer or supplemental exercises to promote circulation and keep your momentum flowing. This includes your mobility routine. 

Hips and Hamstrings