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3 Sets
50 Meter Butt kicks
Wall Walks
50 meter High knees
1:00 Jog

1)EMOM for 5:00 do 3 Push jerks
2)EMOM for 4:00 do 2 Split jerks

*Strength Coach’s Notes:
Do 1-2 warm-ups sets of light weight before starting the clock.  Start the push jerks at 70%, then build
After the first EMOM rest as needed.  Start the split jerks at 75%, then build

Tabata- :20 of max reps, :10 Rest
Dumbbell renegade rows x 6 Sets
Rest 1:00
Alternating jump lunges x 6 Sets

WOD: For Time
Chest to bar pull-ups
Shoulder to overhead (135/95)
Back rack lunges (135/95)

*WOD Coach’s Notes:
If needed, scale the CtB pull-ups to chin over bar pull-ups.  The athletes can use any movement to
get the bar from shoulder to overhead.  Scale the weight based off something the athlete can do 15-20 Push jerks unbroken.
The lunges can be walking or reverse in place.  Scale to a weight the athlete can do 12/12 unbroken lunges.

Quads, Hips and Hamstrings