CrossFit Open 20.1 Workout Guide

Below is our definitive guide on how to approach CrossFit Open 20.1 Workout from preparation to post-workout.

Warm Up

5:00 of tissue work for shoulders, lats, traps and hips. Then 2 Rounds of:

The CrossFit 20.1 Workout

10 Rounds for time of:

65 lb. 95 lb.

20.1 TIPS:
Once you are done warming up, start a practice set or two with a lighter weight than what you will use for the workout.

Power snatch will be faster, however use a movement that you are strong and confident with. Ten rounds will be a lot! Try breaking the ground to overhead up into 2 sets of 4 Reps for the first 3-6 Rounds to conserve, but don’t take too much time in between.

Pace the bar-facing burpees with good continuous movement but not sprinting. For the closing rounds let it all go out until the end! Control that breathing!

CrossFit 20.1 Nutrition

CrossFit 20.1 Is here with 10 rounds or 15 minutes of engine work.

The body can’t work at 100% for this long so we’re going to need to find that sweet spot of hovering around 80-90%. Your goal here is a clean energy with full storage of glycogen (carbs) to tap into. Without the right nutrition you’re going to hit a wall around the 5th round.

Our suggested game plan is going to start the night before by filling up on some easily digestible carbohydrates that will be readily available. Too much fiber from cruciferous vegetables and you’ll be slowed down with digestive stress. Ideal meal for dinner the evening before shouldn’t be too unfamiliar as we don’t want surprises when we step on the floor.

Dinner meal day before the workout:

  • 6-8 oz Chicken thighs or ground beef
  • Sweet Potato (or 1 Cup basmati rice)
  • Leafy greens or sautéed spinach
  • Optional: kraut or cultured veggies

Post dinner dessert:
Smoothie or yogurt bowl blended with 1-2 pitted dates (or banana) + protein

Day of workout:
Ideally 1-2 medium size meals evenly with a protein + carb

2 hours + before: 1 serving of protein + 1/2 cup oats (or sweet potato or basmati rice)

Pre workout (60-90 mins): 1 Pitted date (electrolytes + glycogen) and protein shake with water

Post workout meal should look similar to pre-workout with 40-50 grams of carbs + 25-30 grams of protein

CrossFit 20.1 Recovery Tips

Recovery Videos:
Follow along the following videos to maximize recovery:

Chest, Shoulders and Spine

This will be a lung and shoulder burner! Plus some legs and grip! Make sure to take some time to stretch and mobilize the wrists, pecs, shoulders, and posterior chain post workout.

Wrists: while in a seated position with hips resting on the heels, place hands on the floor a few inches in front of the knees, fingertips pointed towards the body. With straight arms and active shoulders begin to load more body weight over the wrists while shifting weight forward and back, side to side, and in a circular motion. Then, rotate the fingers in, out, and flip palms up while doing the same. Continue to alternate between these for up to 2+ minutes.

Pecs: while laying bellybutton to the floor, place one hand in the bottom of a push up position in line with the rib cage with the other arm directly to the side in a T or V position with palm facing down. Use the arm in the push up position to push the body onto its side allowing for the top leg to reach behind the body with the goal of eventually reaching the fingertips of the extended arm. Try placing the entire foot flat on the floor while pointing the knee directly towards the ceiling for even more stretch throughout the lower half.

Shoulders/posterior chain: begin in a plank position with wrists stacked directly over the wrists. Press back into a downward facing dog opening the shoulders and dropping the heels towards the floor. Bring one leg up (knee to wrist) flexing the front foot, aiming to get the shin of the front leg perpendicular to the body (the closer the heel of the front leg is to the body the less intense the stretch becomes). Extend the back leg directly behind the body while keeping the hips and shoulders squared straight ahead. Take the opposite arm to front leg and thread it through the other arm keeping palm down to the floor. Rest head on the floor while keeping the shoulder of the reaching through in contact with the floor. Spend some time here focusing on your breath and breathing into the belly, melting into the floor.