Hi guys! First of all I want to thank you so much for subscribing to my competitors program. This is all very exciting to be sharing my training knowledge with you. When I started getting serious about my training I realized that I needed more…more coaches to help me with develop skills, more structure to my program, more dedication in the gym and more guidance with my nutrition and recovery. My goal is to create an online community that I can share all of this with. Nothing is easy. It all takes hard work sweat and tears to truly achieve something. I promise to give you all the tools that I have, to make you as successful as you want to be.

I would like to start by talking about the structure of the program and how to attack the workouts. This program is extensive. There are multiple parts with different goals. I recommend keeping yourself moving and making sure the sessions stay on 90 minutes total, or splitting up the workouts and doing the WOD as a second session.

The first portion you will see is the WARM UP. Don’t over think this. All we are doing here is getting your heart rate up and taking your joints through a range of motion. You should feel ready to move by the time you are done in a very efficient amount of time (usually under 10 minutes)

The second phase of the session is the SKILL WORK. Theses portions generally consist of EMOMs (every minute on the minute) i.e. EMOM 10 minutes of 5 chest to bar pull-ups/5 burpee box jumps, Miniature couplet and triplet workouts (usually under 8 minutes) i.e. 5 rounds of 10 pull-ups/10 ohs/10 ball slams , and raw skill tasks i.e. 5 x 1 rope climb + 1 legless rope climb. The purpose here is to try to move well. We are practicing the skills and efficiency of cycling through movements and laying in some volume. Think of this as revving your engine. The efforts are sub maximal (@80%) and we are just try to dial in the coordination to move smooth and fast.

After the skill work your should be pretty warm and fired up to attack the STRENGTH PIECE. This portion is mostly aimed for around 20 minutes. Remember you are pretty warm and have probably practiced the movement in the skill portion so lead up fast. Take big jumps as get to the weight you are going to use for your working sets. Those are the weights that you are a little bit scared of because that is were the progress really happens.

The last piece of the session is the WOD. The name of the game here is intensity. Conditioning hurts and CrossFit hurts, but is also those two magic ingredients that make you freaking fit! Every week there will be some named benchmark workouts and it is important that you track and log your score for those benchmark days. Some days will have additional ACCESSORY WORK to cool down with such as core work and drills. This is just a little icing on the cake.

We are just starting here and you guys are at the very beginning. As we grow and progress we are going to evolve and add more features on the site for you to draw from. One of my bigger goals is to have more correspondence with you and for you all to have more correspondence with each other. This will help us build our community into what I see as my online gym! I also am going to provide you with additional content to the workouts that include posts and videos from me on drills and training tips. Here are some of the items that are currently in the works:

  • A message board for the Camille WOD
  • Workout tracking infrastructure
  • Videos from me in the newsletter and in the workout posts
  • Contest for performance in the WOD

Just to give you all a taste here is a video on the supplements I take and why I take them: