Lean 020224

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Warm-up: 5:00 of shoulder, lat, and trap tissue work then 2 Sets of: :20 Seated arm pumps 10/10 Single leg hip thrusts Thoracic warm-up Coaches notes: On the single leg hip thrusts get your body positioned with your shoulder blades on the side of a bench with the barbell at your hip crease. Center your supporting leg [...]

Lean 013024

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Warm-up 10 Forward and backward Ape 10 Forward and backward Bear 10 Forward and backward Crab 1 minute of Butt kicks and high kicks within 5 min warm-up run Coaches notes: On the bear walks keep your arms straight while blocking through your shoulder and scap to keep your shoulder girdle activated and strong throughout. [...]

Lean 012924

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Warm-up 2 Sets 10/10 Up and Over the Fence 20/20 PVC Side to Side Swing 20 PVC Good Mornings  20 PVC Overhead Squats 20 PVC Pass Throughs Coaches notes: On the good mornings please make sure to keep your back tight and flat all the way through. If you have tightness in your hamstrings and [...]

Lean 012824

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Warm-up 2 Sets 5/5 Spiderman push-ups 5 Up/Downward Dog 10/10 PVC side to side Swings 5/5 PVC Figure 8's Coaches notes: On the leg swings, focus on maintaining straight legs with pointed toes. Keep the hips and shoulders squared to the direction you are facing. Workout 2: Complete each exercise before moving to the next.  The last :10 rest [...]

Lean 012724

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Warm-up 2-3 Sets Run 100 Meters 10 Double leg bounding 10 Yard "A" Skip 10/10 Yard Carioca 10 Yard High knees forward, 10yrd backward Coaches notes: On all bounding movements aim to land lightly on the ball of your foot lightly kissing your heel to the floor before bounding upward. Keep your torso upright as [...]

Lean 012624

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Warm-up: 10/10 PVC figure 8's 10 PVC Good mornings 5 Inchworms 3/3 Hip opener x 2 Sets, then 1:00 jump rope Coaches notes: On the good mornings please make sure to keep your back tight and flat all the way through. If you have tightness in your hamstrings and low back then you may ease some of that tension [...]

Lean 012524

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TODAY IS REST DAY! Recover Mobility

Lean 012424

By |2023-12-27T04:53:33+00:00January 22nd, 2024|Limitless|

ACTIVE RECOVERY DAY! Warmup: 10 min AB- EASY + 10 min dynamic stretch + A) 60 min AMRAP:  10 hang power cleans 20 DB walking lunge  30 cal row *4 min REST btwn each round *record times each set + Recover Mobility

Lean 012324

By |2023-12-27T04:52:35+00:00January 21st, 2024|Limitless|

Warm-up: 10 Prone snow angels 10/10 Active straight leg raises 200 Meter run x 3 Sets Coaches notes: On the reverse snow angels begin in a prone position with straight and engaged legs, glutes squeezed, belly button to your spine, and arms extended straight and hugging your ears. Keep everything solid and one piece from head to [...]

Lean 012224

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Warm-Up: 3 Sets 10 Air squats with a 3 sec hold at bottom 10 Touch downs 10 Arm over/unders 50m Butt kicker  50m High knees  :60 Jump rope Coaches notes: On the air squats focus your eyes straight ahead while keeping your torso as upright as possible. Knees should track with your toes and weight [...]

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