Train Every Muscle in Your Body With One Piece of Equipment!

We didn’t invent the Kettlebell, but we know a good butt kicking when we get one.  Too many of us are ignoring this amazing training tool, for with the proper programming, a couple of kettlebells can provide a full body workout. 

Pulling from more than 80 videos from our exercise index, this program will train muscles in your body you never knew you had to get you strong and tone so you look and feel your best!

A kettlebell is a joint friendly, effective training tool that requires the body to use compound movements that will produce elite conditioning and strengthening. Join our Kettlebell Bootcamp program and be prepared for amazing results!

This Program is Perfect For:

Our kettlebell workouts are perfect for anyone who craves a high metabolic, strength and conditioning workout and:

  • Might not have access to barbells
  • May not want to use barbells
  • May workout in a more traditional gym
  • May workout from home

Skill Level:  For intermediate and advanced athletes or gym owners to use in a class setting.

Can be done at a globo-gym or other fitness facility.

Equipment needed is a variety of Kettlebell weights, and a variety of other gym equipment (pull-up bar, med balls, boxes, rower, bikes, etc)

Why Our Workouts Achieve Better Results Faster!

The foundation of EVERY Wodstar program rests on the concept of constant variation. When you are performing the same workouts over a long enough period of time, you will plateau and come to a screeching halt in terms of progress in strength and endurance.

For that reason, a subscriber gets a Workout of the Day (“WOD”), where every day they receive a different and unique workout. These workouts combine strength building with aerobic activity, which not only breaks up the monotony of traditional workouts, but also leads to superior results.

We introduce different loads, time durations and movements to train muscles you never knew you had to keep your metabolic engine revving and achieve superior results in less time.

All For Less Than the Price of a Single Session with a Trainer!

Most people that want these types of workouts have to pay trainers $30…$50…$75….per hour or more to get stylized workouts of these types…that is…if they are lucky to find someone who will take the time and has the expertise to program for them. Or maybe they have to join a boutique gym that may cost hundred + $ per month.

We are providing a program that gets you custom workouts every day each month for less than what you would pay for a single a training session with an instructor.

Every day we program different exercises with demonstration videos so you can hit that workout hard and safely. 

You Will Get...

Mix it Up! Add some variety to your workout or give yourself a second option in case you find yourself somewhere where you are lacking equipment. Every program comes with the ability to choose a second program!