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Clean and Jerks Clean and Jerk Clean & Jerk Clean & Jerks C&J Single Kettlebell Clean and Jerk     10 Clean and Jerks 15 Single Kettlebell Clean and Jerk Power Clean Power Cleans Barbell Power Clean Sit Up Sit Ups Sit-Up Sit-Ups   Wallball Sit-Up, Wallball Sit Ups, Wallball Sit-Ups, Wall Ball Sit-Up, Wall [...]

Kettlebell Bootcamp Sample Day 3

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Warm-up 3 Sets 15 PVC Good mornings  40 Meter Crab walk 5 Box jumps 40m Bear crawl 5 Pull-ups Workout 1: With a 12:00-15:00 Time Cap, Work down the rep ladder then back up  12-10-8-6-4-2-4-6-8-10-12  Russian Swings  Dip to Extensions on KBs V-Ups with a Kettlebell  Rest 2:00-3:00 Workout 2: 15:00 AMRAP  Run 300 Meters  30 [...]

2018 CrossFit Games Contest!

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To celebrate Wodstar’s TWO athletes competing in this year’s CrossFit Games, we are doing a little contest that involves exercise and cold cash! If you enroll or if you are already enrolled in either Josh's MLF or Competitor’s program or Tennil's Lean and Limitless or Endurance Programs, send us the [...]

new pricing table

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Best Shot Additional Terms

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Hit Me With Your Best Shot! USA Fitness Stars, Inc. (dba Wodstar) and TrueForm are holding a contest to support Josh Bridges' quest to make the CrossFit Games, as well as raise money for the Navy Seals Foundation. You agree to provide original photographs of Josh Bridges or videos of you or your group participating [...]

Win Your Own TrueForm Runner!

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Want to win your very own TrueForm Enduro 2.0 Runner? Well okay, we've got a little contest for you! The "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" contest. There are two ways to qualify... If you are attending the CrossFit West Regional, send us the BEST ORIGINAL PICTURE you can get [...]

MLF 1 Month Purchase

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  OR We accept:     HAVE AN ACCOUNT? LOG IN

MLF Sample Day 1

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This is a Sample Day 1 of Josh Bridges' Military, Law Enforcement and Firefighter Program. To sign up for the program, click here. If you are in need of a movement substitution you can click here for our substitution list. Strength Back Squat Complete 4 Sets Of 7 Reps @ 70% of Your 1 Rep [...]

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