What is easy about the path to success? Nothing! Any road to success has roadblocks, disappointments, and heartaches.

Success in fitness, I mean true success in fitness, and accomplishing all your fitness goals requires pure determination. Just like starting a new company and having roadblock after roadblock, true success in fitness requires grit, determination and being able to position yourself where you least want to go…to an uncomfortable and unfamiliar place.

After my first Ironman, I thought I had gone to an uncomfortable place, but then I decided there were more tough places to find. But I needed to push myself harder and harder. Completing the Grand Canyon “Rim to Rim to Rim Run” I was not only to an unfamiliar zone, but I was unprepared both in food/ supplies and proper foot wear. I experienced the misery of lost toenails, blisters and rashes. Yet I was successful in in my quest to finish. And the next time, I was much better prepared.

Once you have taken yourself to the unknown and pushed passed it, I believe you can transfer the success to anything else you pursue. Having the grit, determination and tenacity to complete such a task does transfer over to other areas in life and business.

The next time you feel yourself unable to accomplish a business related goal, try setting a fitness goal that seems unrealistic. If you have never run a marathon before, start with a 5k. And build from there. Once you have felt the success that comes with hitting one goal, as you move forward, outlandish goals are less intimidating. Then, whether in fitness or business, you might be tempted to reach for the stars. I sure do!