How to do a Double Unders to improve your performance in CrossFit WODS.

Set up for Double Unders

  • Begin with the hands slightly forward of the body hip height at 10 and 2 o’clock.
  • Elbows are kept in tight.

Points of Performance for Double Unders

  • It’s important to know that the only thing that changes from a single to a double is the speed of the rope and the height of the jump. A double under is twice the revolution speed as a single under, the jump is a bit higher.
  • Aim to be jumping about 6-8 inches consistently while learning double unders.
  • Just as the rope begins to pass under your feet on the first repetition rapidly throw the double revolution of the wrist.
  • Moving the jump rope is done with revolution of the wrist and not movement in the shoulders.

Tips & Tricks

  • Try to alternate singles and doubles, while maintaining same height of the jump, while learning to string multiple reps.
  • Try to initiate jump right before rope reaches feet.