We have moved the program to this website, as it will allow us in the long run to improve and continue to build our our virtual community. It is a little different that what you are used to, but nonetheless, has similar functionality. This post highlights both how to post a workout to the whiteboard and also how to use our feed.

To Register

The first thing you have to do is register for our Whiteboard

Sign up with the same email and password you used for the Wodstar website on a screen that looks like this:



After you sign up, you will see a screen that looks like this and you can close the registration window.


To Log a Workout

In every Workout you will see a button on the screen that links to our whiteboard:



Click on the button and new users will see this screen and will need to enter the email and password with which they used to register. Click ‘remember me’ so you only have to do this once.


Existing users merely need to click the link to + Add Your Score


While you can see the results and click on the column headings, you can also click on any name on the Whiteboard to view full results, including filtering by gender and age:


Users are brought to our full results page including filters:


The filters are on the left side and you can select the tracked portion of the WOD, as well as gender and age filters. If you haven’t entered your gender or age, you can do so under your profile.


Filtered Results are displayed on the right side:


Where’s the Feed?

Instead of posts from the feed going into the ether that get lost and provide little value to members, our feed is an organized forum that allows you to not only post questions and comments and discussion points, but also search for information that past members have posted that may be relevant to a question you have. You can benefit from discussions Camille has had with members on relevant subjects. You can get there, by clicking on the FEED/FORUMS tab:

From a laptop:


From a Mobile Device:


Questions on the WOD?

“Is today’s workout a Squat Clean or a Clean?” “What’s the weight I should be doing on this EMOM?” When reading the workout, questions may arise. If you have a question on the workout, scroll to the bottom of the workout and ask it on the comments section. This way you don’t have to leave the workout and go scrolling through the feed trying to find your answer.