Hello Wodstars! You may have noticed a change in our daily programming. With the tremendous success of the Camille WOD, we have decided to ratchet up the level of intensity and enhance it for athletes who want to take the next step and separate themselves from the rest. It will now be offered as a paid program.

We will continue to publish our daily programming under what we are now calling the Wodstar WOD. Our program draws from the best that there is in training for fitness. This is a well rounded and fun program that will test and develop you in many different areas. The short, intense, and challenging WODS have a great blend of benchmark name workouts with movement descriptions, scales and tips.

There are also dedicated strength training and endurance days to get you up to prescribed those weights and push your aerobic capacity. In addition, we provide fun warm ups with skill development portions before every WOD to keep you progressing forward. Do your training the right way with the support and guidance that you need from Wodstar!

We program a 3-day-on and 1-day-off then 2-day-on and 1-day-off schedule each week, which mean’s Thursdays and Sundays are programmed rest days.

On today’s rest day we are feature the piece Secrets of Strength Training Programs, which discusses how to maximize your workouts.