It’s initial release offered 3 separate color ways the Grey/Grey, Black/White, and Navy/White. Mimicking the look of the Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost, the Tubular X SOLD more and in doing so, created a huge demand. You can now find these in basically any color way that’s fashionable.

Addidas Tubular X Profile

With the introduction of Kanye to the 3 Stripe team, Adidas was given another shot to contend against competitors. After Yeezy left the swoosh to get his stripes on, he went on to mention that there will be ABSOLUTELY no portraying of his older color ways the “Red October’s”, “Platinum Grey”, or the “Solar Reds”. He goes further and quotes “I’M OFF THAT $HIT”. But Adidas is finding more ways to offer consumers the iconic color ways with the release of the Tubular X and other variations of the Tubular Technology.

Addidas Tubular X Shoe Side

Kanye has definitely changed fashion with the release of YZY SZN 1 x Adidas collaboration and also his Yeezy Boost models that it’s putting Adidas in their very own market. These Adidas Tubulars are just the beginning.

Given the name “X” due to its large shape of the outer lay, the model consists of a knitted material for higher breathability. Synthetic Mesh runs along the edges of the model for increased stability, running to a high top shape for a more fashionable statement. Lastly, rope-like laces compliment the shoe and give it an overall “SLEEK DESIGN”.

This shoe has more of a boot or chukka look, while employing the comforts of a training shoe—offering the best of both worlds. These shoes were never meant to train in, BUT that shouldn’t stop you from turning heads at the gym!

These shoes are widely available online and in stores in multiple colors and customizations. Go snag yourself a pair of these Adidas Tubular X and start breaking the necks of your enemies.

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