HELLO WODSTARS! It’s Open Season on CrossFit and that means another year where dreams are made or crushed. With the advent of the Super Regions, a trip to Regionals and the Games just got harder.

The best of the best are going to be vying for fewer positions and that means that your fate could be determined by one rep, burpee or second.

You need every advantage you can get and that’s why we we’re going to provide you with one more tool in your bag of tricks to help you edge out your opponents.Wodstar has teamed up with the living legend CrossFit athlete, coach, and ESPN CrossFit Analyst, Bill Grundler aka “The Grundlerine“, to provide a strategy guide for each Open Workout.

At 45 years old, Bill has competed in the last 5 SoCal Regionals and in 2012 he missed podium and a ticket to the Games by only 2 spots!

When the Open Work outs are announced, Bill will provide both a written write-up and a video explanation of strategies of the optimal techniques to complete each work out. We’ll give you a taste–Check out what Bill said about 15.1 and 15.1a.

We are going to make this really easy. Sign up below and each week you will get access to Bill’s video and write up in time for you to rock the WOD on Friday morning.

Athletes that post the best scores are preparing on all levels, so if you think you are going to make it to The Show with strength and stamina alone, you’ll be watching Bill at Regionals instead of competing against him.

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