With over 10,000 CrossFit affiliates in the world and almost 10 times as many coaches, it can be a daunting task to find and assess the right coach for you. There are so many different credentials and accreditations coaches can receive. To the layman, it can be very confusing as to what those credentials actually mean. Today we will take a look at the CrossFit credential system and how it correlates with the level of knowledge and experience of coaches.

The CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course:

The CrossFit Level 1 is an entry course into coaching CrossFit or opening an affiliate. While the experience level of the coaches varies greatly, there is a very low barrier to entry with no pre requisite requirements—coaches receive all of the vital information in a broad brush manner of the theoretical and practical application of the program. Coaches receive all of the tools to be as successful as they want to be in coaching, although this is often the first step in their journey. A CrossFit Level 1 is an absolute must for anyone calling themselves a CrossFit coach. Anyone without this credential would most likely be providing a misrepresentation of the program– not understanding it fully and explicitly.

The CrossFit level 2 Seminar

The CrossFit Level 2 seminar is a developmental course for coaches who want to work on their coaching abilities. Experience level is generally higher, as coaches are not encouraged to take this course until they have had and used their Level 1 until at least six months of coaching experience. Expect coaches with this credential to come out with a higher ability to give athletes a more concentrated and effective level of on-site coaching, as well as an increased depth of knowledge.

The CrossFit Level 3 Certification

This is the only certification that CrossFit offers. Everything else is either a seminar or certificate course. This test requires a broad depth of knowledge on all aspects of everything in and around coaching CrossFit. Coaches are required to have a minimum amount of coaching hours and experience as well as attending the CrossFit Level 2 seminar, just to qualify to take this exam. With a statistically low pass rate, expect coaches who have this credential to proudly display it in there gyms and on their websites as a method for differentiating themselves from other less experienced CrossFit coaches.

CrossFit Specialty Courses

CrossFit specialty courses take a deeper look into the individual disciplines represented in the CrossFit program from subject matter expert’s that are the finest in their field. These experts not only understand their individual craft but also the specific application of it within the CrossFit program. These courses are valuable additions to coaches who can gain increased understanding of activities such as Olympic lifting, kettlebells, powerlifting, gymnastics, strong man, endurance, coaching kids, and coaching competitive CrossFit athletes as well as many other subjects. These courses can be a valuable addition to the core credentials of the CrossFit coach.

Credentials backgrounds and resumes are great way to start an original assessment for a coach, but nothing can replace the intuitive feelings of attention and care and athlete can feel in the first encounter with the coach. Having someone that is truly invested in your success can be the greatest credential of all.