Starting your own box involves long days, hard work and patience. You find yourself establishing a routine with handling administrative work, coaching classes, managing your own workouts, and trying to maintain somewhat of a life outside the box.

Then one day you wake up and you realize all of that hard work has paid off. Your coaches have developed a great rhythm, your membership is thriving and you’re beaming with pride at the growth of your box. Now how do you maintain this growth and keep progress going in the right direction?

The community created as a result of your hard work is one of the greatest aspects of CrossFit and why we love our jobs so much. Below are seven suggestions on how you can foster the growth of your community to break away from the routine, retain your members, and strengthen your brand.

Box Parties

Everyone likes a good get-together, so put some on the calendar, such as:

  • Paleo pot luck dinners at the box
  • Social events and happy hours at restaurants
  • Pool parties
  • Box hikes, runs, bikes…etc.
  • Barbeques

Box Specialty Seminars

Form is the foundation of CrossFit and setting up individual seminars on movements and disciplines such Olympic lifting, kettle bell physics, gymnastics, power lifting, rowing, and running will help members gain an understanding of the fundamentals and improve their form, which will translate into increased performance and strength.

Weekly Skill Challenge

Pick a lift or skill—such as max height box jump (from standstill)—to challenge the athletes once a week and post the skill on a Saturday. Record the results on a separate whiteboard and at the end of each week, post results to Facebook or your gym’s leader board. Don’t forget to have members post scores/times in their journals so they can track them for the future.

Member Networking Events

In our regular lives, most of us are pros in anything other than CrossFit. Why not capitalize on that knowledge? Consider organizing a networking dinner event where your members can not only discuss their businesses with members, but also help others grow their businesses.

Park or Swim WODs

Sometimes you just need to think “Out of the Box” when it comes to your WODS, particularly when the weather is beautiful. Many local parks not only have marked fitness paths for running, but also have circuit stations perfect for outdoor strength workouts. Better yet, why not hang out at the pool and do a pool WOD followed by a bar-b-que?

Below are two examples of Park and Pool WODs you can try:

“Day at the Park”

In groups of 4, each athlete performs one the following movements with a continuous running clock for max reps in 1:00 of each:

  • Pull-ups
  • Kettle bell swings (50/35)
  • Burpees
  • Park bench jumps
  • Rest 1:00

x 5 rounds, record total reps at the end of each round.

“Dip in the Pool”

In groups of 4 perform the following team relay for time:

  • While one athlete is swimming the length of the pool and back, the other 3 athletes are performing:
  • Alternating lunges
  • Sit-Ups
  • Overhead plate hold (45/25)

Once the swimmer finishes, switch stations until each athlete has completed the swim. Rest 3:00 and record race times for 4 rounds.

Races or Other Competitions

CrossFit by design was created to ensure an athlete’s general fitness preparedness. Why not put that statement to the test? The emergence of Tough Mudders and Spartan Races gives a great opportunity to put your training to the test try some fun and extreme activities. Sign your box up and do a team challenge! Better yet, challenge another box! You might also consider other events and races such as 5K’s, Biathlons, Duatholons, Triathlons, individually or as a team.

Watch Sporting Events

Want to watch the big game with your friends, but don’t have the room at your place? There’s plenty of room at your Box to collect everyone, fire up the projector screen and watch your favorite local sporting teams and play-off events. Extend the invitation to friends and family and you may find your environment piques the curiosity of some and find them swinging from a pull-up bar or rope, wondering “what all the fuss is about”.

Perhaps you want to gather a convoy and go see an event live together. Toss in a tailgate and you have yourself a fun afternoon.

Have some great idea’s let us know if your comments below or email us at