The effects of caffeine on the body have long been studied. Exercise physiologists have seen both performance and metabolic benefits with specific doses of caffeine applied within a training program. These studies have been leveraged in supplement marketing with an outpour of pre-workout exercise powders and drinks. These drinks are often filled with excess amounts of artificial sweeteners, chemicals, dyes, other stimulants and preservatives. Utilizing cold brewed coffee, with a high potency of caffeine is a more natural and healthier way to achieve the same benefits.

Metabolic Benefits of Cold Brewed Coffee

Caffeine enhances the burning of fat as fuel in the body as well as suppressing the appetite. This can lead to increased fat loss. For athletes doing diets such as intermittent fasting, the warrior diet, or back end carb loading, this may assist them in getting through the day. Eliminating sugar cravings can lead to increased insulin sensitivity as well as more efficient metabolic output in conditioning workouts. Interestingly and possibly related, one new study showed that frequent coffee drinkers may be more likely to avoid certain types of cancers.

Performance Benefits of Cold Brewed Coffee

A recent study by The Journal of Strength and Conditioning reported that ingesting 200-400mg of caffeine before training notably increased both upper and lower body strength as well as maximum voluntary contraction strength. Caffeine also increases mental acuity and boosts cognition. Firing up the mind can boost performance. Additionally, caffeine has show to enhance cardio respiratory output as well.

Why Cold Brewed Coffee?

Cold brewed coffee often has a higher concentration of caffeine as well as less acidity. The average cup of coffee may have 60-90 mg of caffeine. Cold brewed coffee can have up to 3x as much per cup. With less acidity, the coffee does not taste as bitter thus people might avoid adding the cream and sugar and just drink it black. Let’s be honest, I think that we can all agree that ingesting artificial and processed crap is not as healthy as staying with more natural less processed intakes. Perhaps in the future we will see cold brewed coffee in gyms replacing those old pre workout drinks. Here are some popular cold brewed choices:

  • Chameleon Coffee (sold at most Whole Foods)
  • Kill Cliff Cold Brew ( Available online and in many CrossFit Gyms)
  • Cavemen Coffee (Available online and in many CrossFit Gyms)