We KNEW that we would be doing a repeat at some point and might as well do it NOW!!  Dave Castro wasn’t lying that he said last week was “fun” and this week is “WOULD NOT” be fun.  But even with what has been presented, this really is classic Crossfit at its best!!!

15.2 is…


2 Rounds: 10 reps Overhead Squats (95/65), 10 reps Chest to Bar Pull-ups


2 Rounds: 12 reps OHS, 12 Chest to Bar


2 Rounds: 14 reps OHS, 14 Chest to Bar

**And continues every 3 minutes in which you add 2 reps to the OHS and the Chest to Bar.

Pre- Mobility:

The issues in this workout will be the tension on the grip while you are holding onto the bar and also because your hands are over your head for the entire workout.  There will also be tons of tension on the shoulders/lats as you drop out of the pull-ups and then have to stay stable in the Overhead Squat.

If you have a Marc-Pro, use the global arm dump for 15 minutes per arm: one electrode on the forearm and one on the medial deltoid.  You can also use the foam roller to hit the lats and loosen them up.  Remember with foam rollers you want to roll perpendicular to the muscle fibers rather than just rolling up and down on the roller.

Finally, use the bar to mash out your forearms so they are ready to hold on to the bar for 150 reps:)

Hand Protection:

You WILL need to be smart about your hands for this one.  Hopefully you have a pair of the leather straps that they allow, or you are good at taping your palms.  The other option would be to use gloves.  I’m not a fan of gloves, but if you have been training with them, you should be good to go.

Make sure that you file down your callouses.  Use a ped-egg to “cheese grade” the meat down until they are flat.  You dont want to go down to baby skin but you dont want big ol’ flesh globs either.


Overhead Squats:

The weight is light so the tendency will to be to go fast out of the gates when you feel fresh. DONT DO IT!!!  Keep your heart rate down for as long as you can with these.  Just find a decent relaxing pace.  This will also ensure that you stand all the way up and make each rep count.

If you have the shoulder flexibility, try to use a narrower grip.  Doesn’t have to be a clean grip, but just narrower.  This was you can let the flexibility stop the bar from going back.  In a wider grip you have more rotation of the shoulder and you will have to physically stop it from going back behind you.  If you’re narrow,  you will NOT have this much movement.

If you are able, have your feet a touch wider so that your “bottom out” position is right at parallel.  If you add an extra 3 inches down and up (6 inches total) on 150 reps, that an extra 75 feet of distance travelled!

Finally, if you have to break up the OHS, bring the bar to your back instead of going all the way tot he ground.  This will save a lift from the ground and also stop you from starring at the bar and not picking it up.

Chest to Bar Pull-ups:

BREAK THESE UP FROM THE VERY START!!!!  There is no reason to do a set of 10 pull-ups if you dont have to.  I’d say break these up into sets of 5’s at the get-go.  Yeah I know you big strong Fran-crazy studs and studettes and do 20 C2B in a row but you don’t need to.  In fact, that will do damage for the later rounds.  For you, the first 3 rounds will be a “warm-up”.  But even though it will be easy, its still 74 pull-ups after round 3 in 9:00 minutes.  These will take a toll if you don’t make them easy and break them up!

The real workout starts in round 4.  After this round you would have completed 106 pull-ups total and the rest is really shortening up.  Keep breaking these up!  4 sets of 4, or do a drop set of 5-4-3-2-2.  Obviously,  the more splits you do the shorter you will need to keep your rest time.  Just dont get in so deep that you are failing reps because then you will REALLY have to wait to recover.

Finally, try to tilt your body back at about 30degrees.  This will allow you have a more powerful and comfortable pulling position to make the chest contact.

For those that aren’t good at pull-ups.  I would suggest an alternate/switch grip.  The reason for this is that you are probably going for 1 rep at a time and this will allow you to really kip HARD and do everything in your power to get that chest to touch the bar.

And if you are going to kipping, make sure that you make contact with your chest and come right back down immediately.  Dont waste energy or strength doing a static hold at the top!

That all I got and now its up to you.  Be confident in yourself.  Dont think about it too much.  Just get out there and KICK ASS!!!  Good luck everyone!