The second to last Open workout has been presented to us and again it will make some of you very happy and others maybe decide to do this one scaled.  Before we get into the strategies for this one, remember, do a workout scaled is NOT a bad thing.  If you don’t have the movement or you are unable to the RX weight, then it’s an option.  Give the workout a try as hard as you can at the RX prescription.  Then give yourself some rest and hit the scaled version of it.  Remember there is NOT a way to post a “0” when you submit your score.  You have to have at least a “1” in the RX or you need to post your scaled score.

Lets take a look at the workout:

Workout 15.4: (8 min time cap)

*a three round couplet

       3 reps Hand Stand Push-ups (HSPU)

       3 reps Clean (185/125lbs)

       6 reps HSPU

       3 reps Clean

       9 reps HSPU

       3 reps Clean


       12 reps HSPU

       6 reps Clean

       15 reps HSPU

       6 reps Clean

       18 reps HSPU

       6 reps Clean


       21 reps HSPU

       6 reps Clean

       24 reps HSPU

       6 reps Clean

       27 reps HSPU

       6 reps Clean


       Increase each set of HSPU by 3

       Increase each round of Clean by 3


Lay on your back with a Kettlebell or Dumbbell and externally rotate your humerus.  Let it sit there with your scapula as flat to your back as possible.  The idea is to let the weight of the object move the head of the humerus into a better position in the shoulder socket for more and better range of motion.

Use a double taped Lacrosse Ball and run it down your spine hitting each vertebra.  Keep your ribs flat and you can even use a weight to help really compress and work through those individual joints.  The object is so that you don’t break as much when you press out in the HSPU.  You NEED to stay as tall and long as possible.


Hand Stand Push-Up:

Because of the new standard and the way the “good rep” line is set up, you need to keep yourself as tall as possible.  A couple ways to do that would be to keep your hand width at just outside your shoulders.  Think your push press hand width.  The further you go wide, the shorter you will be on the wall. 

Next, you need to keep yourself close to the wall.  Your hands should be no more than 1 foot from the wall.  The further you move away, the shorter you become.

Third, when you press out overhead, make sure to keep your ribs down (don’t let yourself get all over extended) and keep your feet no wider than hip width apart.  Again these are thing to keep you as tall as possible.  The last thing you want is to have to do any more reps than you need to……..NO REPS ARE BAD!!!!

Finally, make all of the HSPUs kipped reps.  It really doesn’t do you any good to work your shoulders and get these strict.  In fact, even if you can do them strict, you NEED to stay kipping from rep number 1!!   Also, the place you want to rest is on your head.  Don’t waste shoulder energy by staying locked out.  If you rest on your head you will actually be able to take your hands off the matt and totally rest your shoulders.  Stay on your head as long as you can.  If you kick off and try to do singles and kick off each time, you will lose at least 15 seconds on each one of those single reps.  Stay on your head and you can shave 5 seconds off each one of those reps.  If you watch Scott Panchek, he had a great tempo and rest on his head even with the kip.  Nice job!!


These are NOT going to be the main part of the workout for most of the athletes.  Yes it is a pretty heavy weight for some but no matter who you are, DO THESE AS SINGLES!!!  Again there aren’t extra points for being a badass in the beginning.  Save it for the end.  This is actually supposed to be your active rest portion so keep it as that.

Use your good clean position here so that you aren’t blowing out your low back and midline.   Make your hips do the movement and hook grip the bar (DUH!).  You want to be efficient here so that you aren’t wasting energy where you don’t need to. 

For those who will struggle with the weight, do them as squat cleans if you have to.  Otherwise keep them as power cleans and get your shoulder rest in.

Thats it everyone!!  Now its time for you to go and crush this one!!  Since its only 8 minutes, this will be one that you can do multiple times if you need to.  If you don’t have a HSPU yet, then you can go and give a crushing 8 minutes of attempt, give yourself some rest and then hit the scaled version.  Remember you aren’t in a scaled division by doing the workout scaled.  You are just competing on the level that you are able to compete in this particular workout.  Go get those points!!! 

This is 4 down and one to go!!!!!!  Finish strong!!!!!   Now go kick some ass!!!!