2015 Open Workout Strategies and Tips Week 1

With all the talk about the Super Region Qualification and the Scaled Division, everyone was wondering what the landscape of the Open would look like. And right out of the gate, the 2015 Open begins with some changes.

Not only is the first workout two separately scored workouts, but also we have our first ever Max Weight Attempt. Dave Castro said that the new Open would allow the workouts to be heavy and I guess the strong boys and girls out there get to have some fun with it! But without further a due……… Let’s take a look at the brand new 15.1….err 15.1 and 15.1a!

The Workout:


9 minute AMRAP:

…….15 reps Toes to Bar

…….10 reps Deadlift (115#/75#)

………5 reps Snatches (115#/75#)

**15.a starts immediately at the 9 minute mark



6 minute limit

…….Find a 1RM Clean and Jerk

**Each piece is scored as an individual event


Let’s take a look at the best way to hit this/these workouts!!



This will be the MEAT of this workout. DO NOT BE LULLED into planning on doing all 15 reps unbroken each round. Not only will it smoke your midline, but also the amount of time that the tension will be on your hands will be insane. I honestly would suggest doing 3 sets of 5 reps with a count of 3-5 seconds between each of those sets.

Yeah I know it’s only 15 reps, so why break it up? The winners of this event will be able to keep their rounds as consistent as possible. Start a touch slower in the beginning so you don’t die in the end. 15 unbroken reps would take about 25 seconds. If you break this up with 5 seconds of rest between set of 5, then you are at 35 seconds. But this 10 seconds will be a life saver!!

Make sure you are using leather straps, tape or something to protect your palms. If you tear, then the rest of this workout, as well as 15.1a will be TERRIBLE!!!!


This weight is light. The plan here would be to do these unbroken. It doesn’t mean to go crazy trying to go as fast as possible. It just means once you pick up the bar, don’t stop. Its only 10 reps and you will be able to make it through.

Because the weight is light, you will be safe to go back and forth between using more of your back and then use more of your legs. I’m not saying to use bad Deadlift form, but I’m thinking about being able to use this segment as an “active rest”. 10 Deadlifts should only take about 15 seconds.


Again, the weight is not heavy so the plan here would be to go unbroken. Make sure your thumbs are taped so that you have more friction while in the hook grip. Muscle snatches would be the fastest way to do these if you have the strength and the explosive hip power. If not, then stick with Power Snatches.

And as much as possible, DO NOT drop the bar. The time it will take to reset on the bar as it bounces around will be way too great. 5 snatches should take no more than 15 seconds if you move at a decent pace.


Keep your “tools” close so there isn’t a bunch of extra walking distance. You want to try to keep the transition time to no more than 5 seconds. Again, I know that this sounds like a lot of time resting but I want your last round times to be as close to your first rounds times. I would keep chalk close and place it up on a plyo-box so you don’t have to bend down into a bucket and compress your diaphragm. You don’t want to bend over any more than you need to.

If you take the time frames that I listed, it would put your rounds at about 1:20-1:25. Be very aware that if your first round is 0:50 you will hit the wall VERY, VERY hard.


Guess what….no big strategies here. It’s about lifting heavy!!! But to lift heavy, you need to recover as much as possible, so take the first 2 minutes of the 6 minute limit to recover. JUST REST!!! Hopefully, you already know what your lifts will be because I believe you will only get about 3-4 good lifts total with the remainder of time. So while you are resting, set up your first weight but just relax.

For your first lift, have it be one that you KNOW you can get. It will build your confidence and count for you. For the next lift, jump up to a decent weight, probably around 85% of your 1RM. MAKE IT! For the 3rd lift, go up to what feels good, like a 90ish %, and for the 4th lift, go for broke!

**Remember that there is a “weight class” tie breaker for this. The lighter lifter gets the tie.

Whew…….that’s all I have!! Now its time to get busy. Good Luck to all of you!!! Remember, the Open is a very fun time for all of us! Enjoy the 5 week journey!!! Have Fun, Go Hard, Feel the Burn!!