Hello Wodstars!

Sometimes you may find your self at a location that doesn’t have the equipment that you need to complete your workout. Below is a substitution list for movements where you might find yourself lacking a piece of equipment. We will expand on this list, so please feel free to ask us for more substitutions in the comments.

If you are looking for a SCALE for a movement, find that movement on our movements index, where we list various scales.

Substitution 1: Run 400 for Every 25 Calories
Substitution 2: Row 500 for Every 25 Calories

D Ball
For Each D Ball Rep Do a Deadlift plus a Hang Clean @ 185/130 lbs

GHD Sit Up
Substitution 1: 1 Toes to Bar Per GHD Sit Up
Substitution 2: 3 Sit Ups Per GHD Sit Up

Glute Ham Raise
1 Deadlift @ 95/65lbs

Ring Muscle Up
Bar Muscle Up

Rope Climb
10 Towel Pull Ups Per Rope Climb

Run same distance.

Substitution 1: Run same distance.
Substitution 2: Row same distance.

Empty Sled Push
Substitution: 20 185/135lb deadlift

Sled Push
Substitution 1: Use a wood box for Box Jumps
Substitution 2: Back squats @ 50% of 1 RM and do sets of 30 per Sled Push

Substitution 1: Run 2x the Swim Distance
Substitution 2: Row 2x the Swim Distance

Tire Flip
Power cleans, moderate weight

Substitution: Barbell on Back.