CrossFit is unique community that takes pride in authenticity. We believe in and what works, from the workouts, to the nutrition, all the way down to the apparel.

When Reebok entered in to a ten year partnership with CrossFit five years ago, the first thing they did was bring in a cross-section of leaders in our community, to help them design CrossFit shoes and apparel that would provides utility and versatility for the unknown and unknowable.


Each generation of Reebok apparel has gotten better, and this is because they listen to CrossFit. I remember in 2010 when they slapped a Reebok CrossFit logo on a Reebok zig tech shoe. We saw big cushiony shoes in a CrossFit gym where they seem very much out of place and immediately ripped Reebok a new one. To their credit, instead of pushing back, they listened and developed the first Reebok CrossFit shoes that had a low profile flat bottom sole and natural barefoot cast.

Since then, the Reebok CrossFit shoes have grown progressively better with years of development and feedback. At first we were concerned because the shoes had trouble withstanding rope climbs, then we wanted a more durable material. Finally we asked for a stiffer heel.

CrossFit Shoes Light But Durable

Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0 is the ultimate expression of what we have been looking for. How do you make a shoe with a stiff hard heel to Lift in and combine it with something light enough to run, jump, play and climb in? Traditionally lifting shoes are big and clunky. Running shoes and flexible, soft and flimsy. The nano five has a Hard heel, a flexible and flat sole with a super durable and lightweight top.

The flexible foot has surprisingly good lateral stability for Olympic lifting. The shoe is light with the classic low profile and barefoot cast (The toebox is wide to allow the toes splay out in a natural pattern). For the first time Reebok has incorporated abrasion resistant Kevlar around the midfoot and toe edges to resist the wear and tear of rope climbs, burpees and sled pushes etc.The sole also has teeth to help bite into the ground for extra traction. Lastly, with 4 colors to choose from (Polar Blue / Black / Neon Cherry / Flat Grey), you can pick the one that most suits you.

Most Versitile CrossFit Shoes

Overall the Reebok Nano 5.0 is one of the most versatile, effective and best CrossFit shoes ever made and I would only expect that after years of hard work and development not only has all of the  competition been blown away, but I would only expect things to continue to get even better.

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